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Anyone who has totalled or has single lifts that qualify for Professional (Pro) must enter this division unless they wish to enter Elite which requires a lifter paid urinalysis. Professional can be entered by everyone but teens regardless of what their lift numbers are. There is no drug testing in this division.

Amateur (AM)

This division is a a drug-free division. Any lifter under suspicion of drug use will be required to undergo a urinalysis test. If the test results are negative, the meet director will absorb the cost of the drug test. If the test results are positive, the lifter will be responsible for all expenses associated with the drug test, and their lifts for the competition will be disqualified. A lifter testing positive will be permanently banned from lifting in the AM Division.

If the lifter enters AM and achieves a Pro qualifying lift, the lifter will either automatically be transferred to the Pro Division in the same meet (same weight class and sub-division), or have the option to pay for the urinalysis required to attain Elite status.


Those whose lifts qualify as Pro yet want to provide proof that they are not using any performance enhancements on the tested list. Elite lifts are only available in the Open division and will be scored in competition with the Pros.


This division is reserved for individuals who serve the community as Police Officers, Correction Officers or Firefighters, civilly employed or volunteer. The age divisions are limited to Open and Master 50+.

Military/Armed Forces

This division is reserved for individuals who serve(d) their country in a branch of the armed forces. The age divisions are limited to Open and Master 50+.

Men's Weight Classes

114, 123, 132, 148, 165, 181, 198, 220, 242, 275, 308, SHW

Women's Weight Classes

97, 105, 114, 123, 132, 148, 165, 181, 198, 220, SHW




Amateur will be limited to two (2) plies per garment. Professionals are allowed unlimited layers in a garment. Squat suit and one pair of briefs are allowed for squat and deadlift. Bench shirts must be of single construction. Knee wraps of up to 3m in length and wrist wraps of up to 48" are allowed at no more than 4" wide.


Garments will be inspected to insure true single-ply compliance. Garments constructed of laminated layers will not be allowed in the single ply, only fabric woven or knit as one layer are accepted. Squat suit and one pair of briefs are allowed for squat and de a lift. Bench shirts must be of single construction. Knee wraps of up to 3m in length and wrist wraps of up to 48" are allowed at no more than 4" wide. Sinlge-ply now offers full age divisions.

Raw Classic

The only support allowed in Raw Classic is the support of a belt and wrist wraps. Knee sleeves may be worn during warm ups and between attempts, but must be pulled down over the shin during the squat and/or deadlift.* A single layer knee sleeve may be worn during the bench.

Raw Modern

Raw Modern combines the support of a belt and wrist wraps, as in classic, with knee wraps for the squat and/or deadlift. This division does not apply to bench only lifters, they must compete as Raw Classic or take token lifts in another event with knee wraps/sleeves.

*Knee Sleeves will still classify lifters in RPS as Raw Modern, however for national rankings, those who wear a single layer knee sleeve during the squat will be identified in the results to be eligible for the "Raw Without Knee Wraps" division. It is the responsibility of the lifter to inform the Scoring Table of their intent to be classified for the sans wrap rankings. At the completion of each successful squat the lifter will demonstrate to the head referee by peeling down their knee sleeve with minimal effort to establish that they are wearing the appropriate knee sleeve. The head judge will signify to the scoring table that the equipment has passed inspection.

World and State Records

Records will be kept in all offered Divisions and Classes. State records will be recognized at designated events in the State and are not restricted to residency or nationality. We will recognize lifts from all previous Rychlak Power Systems meets regardless of federation affiliation. The lifts belong to the lifters and are property of no one else. We are merely the custodians of this information and present the greatest lift complying to our standards within the division. For the current compilation of the results use this link: State Records Portal.

Now available Search the Record Database for RPS World Records.



Following is only a highlight of the deviations. Click here for the Complete Revolution Rule Book.

No Membership Fees

Lift Commands

"Squat" has been added to the start of the squat, to enforce staring erect, with knees locked. "Bench" has been added to the start of the bench to enforce starting with elbows locked. Adding these two commands will negate lifts being disqualified for "soft starts".


24 hour weigh in rule will be in effect, however those setting world records will be reweighed, with weight not to exceed the next weight class (i.e. weigh in at 198, compete at 225) for the lift to count. This is to dissuade the practice of drastic weight cutting and the ill effects it has on the lifter. Few lifters are able to perform at peak condition after doing so and are unnecessarily putting their health at risk.


Managing Directors and Advisers are tasked to listen to the lifters, share in informed decisions and manage the information generated by quality meets run with the best interest of the lifter, under fair and consistent judging standards upholding the legacy of powerlifting.


President / Director of Lifter Relations

Gene Rychlak, Jr. - | 610-948-7823 • "I want to hear from everyone, you can talk straight to me. I will take the time to listen and we will discuss things together."

Results Analyst / Information Coordinator / Media Relations

Ame Rychlak -

Minister of Information

Tone Barbaccio

Competition Advisory Committee

Mindy Underwood | Southeast Regional Coordinator
C.J. Murphy | Senior Advisor -
Tone Barbaccio | Athlete Liaison
Matt Esche | Teen and Junior Advisor
Brooke Fineis | Women's Competition Advisor
David Kirschen| Senior Multi-Ply Advisor
Morgan Mitchell | Massachusetts State Chairman -
Jamie Matta | New Hampshire & Vermont State Coordinator -
Dan Dague | Ohio State Chairman -
Jim Phillips & Zac Whalen | Kentucky State Co-Chairs -
Bert Underwood | Florida State Chairman
Chris Bartl | California State Chairman - • 805-637-8370
Dana "Sweetdee" Rygwelski
| Texas State Chairwoman -
Roger "Dodger" Pardue | South Carolina Representative
Claude Mumpower | Tennesee State Chairman - 

Canada Board of Govenors

Shane Church
Andrei Oudovikine

Officiating Committee

Jennifer Burkey | Referree Evaluation
David Kirschen | Referree Evaluation

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