21-11-2004 Announcing
Andreas Kolettis & Hellenic Powerlifting Club
as directors of our Affiliate in Greece.

20-11-2014 Announcing the new
RPS Director, Vorobey Bogdan Yurevich

is the official Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate
affiliates in Crimea.

Ukraine Powerlifitng
2013 Contests
Ukrainian Bench Press Championships
April 13, 2013
Ukraine, Simferopol, Victory Avenue 2111
Meet Results



2014 Contest

February 8 - Kyiv - Dnepr Cup Bench Press Bench, Press and extreme February 15 - Novograd -Volyn Zvyagel Cup - Bench Press and deadlift
March 1 - Zhitomir - II Open Polesye Bench Press and Deadlift Cup
29-30 March - Kiev - Ukraine Championship, Powerlifting , Bench Press and deadlift UPA.
April - Simferopol - Mayor's Cup Bench Press date specified
May - Kiev - Open European Championship RPS- 2014
May 24 - Zhytomyr - Championship Zhytomyr Region, Powerlifting and Bench Press
27-30 June - Gurzuf - Tavrika Cup Bench Press and deadlift
October - Cup of Ukraine UPA place and date specified
November - Zhytomyr - Open Cup Zhytomyr region, Bench Press & deadlift
December - Kiev - Kyiv Open Cup

Crimean Powerlifting

2013 Contests

February 23, 2013
UPA Open Polesye Bench Press and Deadlift Cup
Ukraine, Zhitomir. str. Borodia, 60 AK "Maximus Gymб╩.
Meet Results

June 28-30, 2013 - Meet Results
International tournament Bench Press  Tavrica Cup


March 4, 2013: Announcing the addition of the
as the official affiliate of Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate
for the African Countries and Organizations
who are associates of the AGWO.

Nigerian International Powerlifting Association
South Africa Powerlifting Congress Organization
United Namibia Powerlifting Organization
Congress of Angola Powerlifting Association
Zambia State Union of Amalgamated Powerlifters
Cameroonian International Bodybuilding and Powerlifting Congress
Gambia Professional Powerlifters Organization
Algeria Powerlifting and Strongmen Association
Egyptian International Powerlifting Organization Congress
Professional and Amateur Powerlifting Organization Congress Tunisia
Togo Powerlifting Developmental Association
Senegalese Bodybuilding and Powerlifting Progressive Organization
Kenya Powerlifting Intersports Related Congress
Gabon Powerlifting and Bodybuilding Mission Organization
Powerlifting, Bodybuilding/Strongmen Congress Of Dubai



NPA/RPS World Cup 2013 - Meet Results

Sochi, Russia.  May 29th - June 2nd

2012 RPS - Golden Tiger VI - Meet Results


Gene Rychlak, Jr, President, RPS and Andrei Paley, President, NPAR @ Supreme Iron Warrior, Sept 2012

Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate acknowledges the
and their below listed officers as sole official affiliate in the
Russian Federation and its territories.

Andrew Repnitsyn, President

Andrey Paley, Senior Delegate

Ilya Kokorev, Vice-president

2014 NAP Competition Calendar

Meets Eligible for World Record Status

January 25, Tugulym

Open East-area Championship of Cossack societies

February 8, Kamensk-Uralsky

Open Kamensk Championship, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan.

February 9, Saratov

Bench Press Tournament among inmates in prison

February 15-16, Novosibirsk

Open Novosibirsk Championship among Amateur

February 15, Pishma

Open Orenburg Cossack Army Championship

February 16, Ekaterinburg

Open Ekaterinburg Benchpress Championship.

February 22, Ekaterinburg

Open Sverdlovsk area Benchpress Championship among Masters.

On February 23, Sysert

Multi-tournament "STONE BELT" (Benchpress, Mas-wrestling, Sambo)

February 23, Asbest

Open Asbest Powerlifting Championship, on the Day of Defenders of the Motherland

February 23, Kamishlov

Open Kamishlov Benchpress Championship

February 23, Berezniky

Open Berezniky Benchpress Championship

February 23, Ekaterinburg

Open Ekaterinburk Benchpress Cup

February 29 - March 1, Columbus, Оhio, USA.


March 1-2, Ekaterinburg

Open Ekaterinburg Powerlifting Championship for the Disabled

March 8, Kamensk-Uralskiy

Show tournament Benchpress "UrFO CUP"

March 15, Krasnoufimsk

Open Krasnoufimsk powerlifting Championship

March 28-30, Saratov

Open Russia Championship

April 5-6, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Multi-tournament "SAMSON" (Powerlifting, Armwrestling).

April 5, Tyumen

All-Russian tournament Bench Press

April 12, Ufa

Open East-Europe Benchpress Championship
PRIZE MONEY U.S. $ 15,000

April 13, Dvurechensk

Open Sysertskiy Borough Benchpress Championship on the Day of Cosmonautics

April 16-19, Ekaterinburg

NPA Open Europe Championship

April 26, Ekaterinburg

Ordzhonikidze district Benhpress Championship.

April 27, Nadym

Open Nadym Benchpress Championship

May 3, Talitsa

Open Talitsa Borough Powerlifting Championship

May 4, Kamishlov

Open Kamishlov Powerlifting Championship

May 8-11, Berdsk

NPA Open World CUP Powerlifting "SIBERIAN CHALLENGE"

May 9, Asbest

Open Asbest Benchpress Championship, dedicated to the Viktory Day

May 9, Berezniky

Open Berezniky Powerlifting Championship.

May 11, Saratov

All-Russian tournament Bench Press "ZHIMOVAYA MAYOVKA"

May 16-18, Reftinsky

Open Powerlifting Championship of the Ural Federal District

May 17-18, Ekaterinburg

Sverdlovsk area Powerlifting Championship, among the Disabled

May 27-31, Sochi

Sochi-2014. Open World Cup Powerlifting "OLYMPIA"

June 1, Ekaterinburg

DUSH "Viktoria" Benchpress Championship, among the Disabled.

June 14, Sukhoy Log

Open Sukhoy Log Borough Powerlifting Championship

June 21, Tugulym

Championship junior sports school "Ermak" Powerlifting

August 8-10, Chelyabinsk

Open Eurasia Powerlifting Championship

August 30, Tyumen

Open Tyumen Benchpress Cup

October 3-5, Ekaterinburg

Open World Powerlifting Championship "GOLDEN TIGER CLASSIC - VIII"

October 17-19, Berdsk

Open Novosibirsk area Powerlifting Championship.

October 20, Berezniky

Open Berezniky Benchpress Cup.

October 25

Russian athletic benchpress marathon "Dmitriev Day". First stage - Held simultaneously in 150 gyms

October 27 – on November 2, Verkhnaya Pishma

Open Russia Championship, among the disabled

November 2, Ekaterinburg

FINAL Russian athletic benchpress marathon "Dmitriev Day

November 4, Sysert

Open Sysert Borough benchpress Cup, dedicated to the Day of National Unity

November 8-9, Saratov

Open Volga Federal District Powerlifting Championship

November 15, Nadym

Tournament Master Bench Press

November 22-23, Tel-Aviv Israel

Open Europe Powerlifting Cup.

November 22, Perm

Open Perm area Championship

November 28-30, Tyumen

Open Eurasian Benchpress and Deadlift Cup

December 3-7, Berdsk

Tournament "STEEL ARENA – IV"

December 6, Karpinsk

Open Karpinsk Benchpress Cup

December 7, Talitsa

Open Talitsa Borough Powerlifting Cup

December 13-15, Balashov

Open Saratov area Powerlifting Championship

December 14, Ekaterinburg

Open Ordzhonikidze district Benchpress Cup

December 20, Sukhoy Log

Open Sukhoy Log Borough Benchpress Cup

December 21, Kamishlov

Open Kamishlov Powerlifting Cup

December 27, Berezniki

Open Berezniki Powerlifting Cup

December 28, Krasnoufimsk

Ney Year Open Krasnoufimsk Borough Benchpress Cup