Meet Director Responsibilities and Conduct

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SANCTIONING COMPETITIONS – For a sanction to be granted, the meet director must request the sanction at least 6 months prior to the date of the competition from the RPS President. Consideration can be made for events that do not have 6 months lead time. Contact the president directly to discuss planning of proposed meet or conversion of existing meet to and RPS sanctioned contest. There should be no other RPS competitions in the area on the date of the competition. There is no sanctioning fee, prompt and accurate result submission is the only requirement. Meet results must be submitted to the record custodian no more than one week after the event, in the complete appropriate format. There is no fee to be member of RPS.

  1. The meet director appoints the following officials:
    1. Announcer
    2. Expediters
    3. Score Keeper(s)
    4. Spotter/loaders
    5. Other positions as needed.
  2. Meet directors will email all meet results to the record custodian/media coordinator by the Tuesday following the event, in the complete appropriate format.
  3. Meet directors must be able to produce video coverage of any All-Time World Records. Two white and one red decision of All–Time Records will be reviewed by the judges. All three white light records will stand as called. This does not include RPS World Records. This is for all-time world records only.
  4. At the discretion of the RPS President, the meet director is responsible for reimbursing the attending RPS Representative their travel expenses (gas and lodging) at the completion of the meet before the RPS Representative departs.
  5. Meet directors must provide the required equipment for the classification of the meet. If the required equipment is not available locally, required apparatus may be available through the network of RPS directors and supporters.
  6. Meet directors will provide chalk to lifters in the warm-up area and on the platform.


  1. Meet directors will charge no more than $100 – $150 for World or National meet entry fees. Local meets will charge no less than $50 for single lift meets and $75 for full power meets and no more than $100 for entry fees.
  2. Meet directors will not participate in the meet as a lifter. They may coach, judge or spot if needed. Exemption per event can be obtained from the board or president for the director to participate for local events.
  3. Meet directors will not use their position to influence the referees’ decisions.
  4. Meet directors will not use foul or abusive language toward any official, lifter or spectator.
  5. Meet directors will show no favoritism toward any participant, team, or coach. They shall treat all lifers equally regardless of personal feelings.

Failure to follow any of the Meet Director Rules and Regulations can result in the meet director being suspended from receiving subsequent competition sanctioning.