Spotter/Loader Requirements And Conduct

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  1. Spotters must demonstrate the ability to hand spot the loaded bar weight.
  2. Spotters must be hand-picked by the meet director to protect the lifter from injury.
  3. Designated spotters may remove safety straps for a lifter choosing to walk out the weight only for attempts not exceeding weights that they can safely spot in the event of a failed attempt or loss of bar control.
  4. Competitors must understand that they assumes responsibility for any possible injury.
  5. Competitors are allowed to use their own spotter in addition to the meet director’s spotters.


  1. The lifter may utilize their own rear and side spotters for the squat if requested. If the lifter’s own spotter/s interfere with the judges’ ability to see the lift being performed and accurately judge the lift, the lift will be disqualified. If the spotter/s at fault for impeding the judges’ view are part of the platform personnel, the benefit of the lifter. However if the attempt is for an All-Time World Record the lifter will be given another attempt.
  2. Incidental contact with the bar or lifter by the platform personnel during the lift is not deemed a disqualification. If the spotters end an attempt prior to notification by a referee, lifter themselves or lifter’s coach, the lifter will be given another attempt.