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This page is dedicated to Q & A. The answers to most questions can be found in the rule book or PDF entry form provided for each event. Please note that the information provided on the individual meet page will always be the most current and accurate information.

Welcome To RPS Powerlifitng – Brochure PDF

Do I need a membership card and what is the fee?

There are no membership fees/cards in Revolution Powerlifting. Why? We have brought our record administration into the 21st century, so we don’t require a staff or need to pay service fees for things we could automate, accomplish efficiently and for free. Next time you pay one, ask how it benefits you.

Do I need to wear a singlet (wrestling onesie)?

Yes, you need to wear a singlet unless you are wearing a squat suit, deadlift suit or it specifically stated that one is not required in the Meet Entry Form for an event. There are occasions where events are open to high school or charity that do not require singlets. However, those who do not wear singlets will not be eligible for any records.

I want to break a record. 1) Are your records current? 2) Do I need to submit a request form or paperwork to have my record acknowledged?

1) Our record database is kept current including results within a week of an event. One exception may be international events that require translation.
2) The record database is updated with all eligible results from each event. There is no need to submit any paperwork or request to break a record or have it acknowledged. A lifter is not eligible for records if the bomb in their entered event. Ex. a squat will not count if the lifter did not get a bench if entered in full power. However if they were entered in Squat Only and Full Power, the squat would be eligible for a record.

I paid for my entry but cannot compete now, do I get a refund?

Refunds are not guaranteed at any time. Consider these events like a concert or theatrical show. There is a lot of time and money invested in conducting a quality competition. Would you expect a band or broadway show to give you your money back because you can’t make it?

I registered for the wrong division/weight class, can I change this?

You can change your division up to the start of the meet. All lifters will compete at the body weight they weigh in at. Not making a weight division is only an issue when an event is split into session by body weight and not making the weight would move you to another session. An email notifying the meet director of a need for the change is appreciated, but be sure to verify the change when you weigh in.

I registered online and got a paypal receipt, will I get any other indication that my entry was received?

The paypal receipt is your verification. RPS presented events will have an email that goes out to the lifter (to the address provided on the entry form) approximately one week prior to the event to review information for the meet. Also the roster will be posted shortly after the entry deadline for review. Not all meet directors are able to do this.

How do I schedule a Friday early weigh-in?

Only events run by RPS directly require Friday AM notification. There are no specific times for each appointment, lifters are put on a list noting their intention of attending.  The notification for the Friday AM Weigh in is required to allow planning for unload and set up. Once all known lifters are weighed in, weigh ins will be closed.

How does scoring/placing work for events such as Ironman? Are you placed against your weight class, age or division, or a combination of any of these? Or is it as a whole against everybody else who is entered into the Ironman event?

Typically 1st, 2nd & 3rd places are awarded per each event (full power, bench only, etc) per each division. A single division is your Event, Weight, Age, Equipment Choice and Pro/Am. An overall award may be considered if there are enough entrants across a range of any of the 5 and is decided by Schwartz/Malone Formula Coefficients.

I have entered the Police/Fire Class because I am a Corrections Officer and I have proof of ID is this “OK” for your organization.

Corrections Officer are considered Police/Fire.

My singlet is covered in logos is that an issue?

No, we do not restrict logos as long as they are in good taste and does not hinder the referees’ view.

Will the lifters have the option to choose the weight plates used on each lift, for example 35lb plates instead of 45lb plates? Or will each lift consist of 45lb plates only?

The plate loads are determined to use the least number of plates possible out of the (per side) 5-100lb, 2-45lb, 1-25lb, 2-10lb, 1-5lb, 1-2.5lb (1-1.25lb reserved for record breaking) plus 5lb collar. The meet may or may not use 35lb plates on the platform. Also the only time we use the “standard” 45lb bar is during the deadlift. The squat bar is 65lbs and the bench bar is 50lbs. With the addition of the 5lb collars, that makes the “bar” 75, 60 and 55lbs, so what you are accustomed to seeing on a bar (3-45s per side for 315lbs) will not be what is loaded during the competition. A projected display or weight chart will be consulted to inform the loaders of the weight to be put on the bar per each lift.