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Before you send an email, please read the below. It is the same response you will get from the email.

Due to high volumes of inquiries, please allow 3 days for an answer, especially during event weekends. Posting your question to Facebook, Event Pages and our emails will not get you a quicker response.

You must contact Meet Directors for any and all questions or notifications about an event. Your email WILL NOT be forwarded to them. If you do send an email for an event, you will get the response telling you to contact the meet director directly.


If you need an immediate answer regarding an event, check the meet’s event page at The meet director should be listed. For detailed event and contact information DOWNLOAD THE MEET FORM listed on each page.

If you have a question regarding RPS Rules. Please go to to research your answer (hey, that’s the site you are on now). Also check out the FAQ page.

Take some time to find your answer. We spend multiple hours, every day, answering questions on information that can be found on the site.

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