Revolution Powerlidting

March 17, 2018

2017 RPS St. Patty's Day Classic

Iron Mayhem Strength & Conditioning
63 Commonwealth Avenue, Bristol, VA 24201

Meet Information

Prices include the PayPal processing fee.
Mailed entries are still accepted and are not charged the processing fee.
Submitting entry is agreeing to the terms of the liability waiver.

$95 per Entry • $30 per Crossover

1 Division (including above fees) - $97.85
2 Divisions - $128.75  3 Divisions - $159.65 4 Divisions - $190.55
An Extra Division is the same as a Crossover

Entry Fees •Phone
•Phone number is required due to Smart Phone or Tablet entries being received blank.
(please not ' or " when filling out form - Paypal deos not like them)

If the meet you wish to enter is not listed here, see events on the left for direct linkst to their entry forms.

Events (*adding additional events is the same as additional divisions)

Divisions: Multi-Ply, Single-Ply, Raw Classic (no knee wraps), Raw Moden (w/ knee wraps)

Class: Amateur, Professional, Elite*, Police Pro, Police Am, Military Pro, Military Am
(*Elite $100 Mandatory Test Fee to be paid prior to start of meet)

Age Divisions: Open, Teen, Junior (20-23), Submaster (33-39), Master

t-shirts are not guaranteed, lifter and/or sponsorship participation will determine availablilty. t-shirts will only be provided to lifters who enter by the entry deadlines.

Any Chargebacks or Disputes through your Credit Card Company or PayPal will result in a $50 charge.
If you refuse to pay the charge, you will be barred from entering future compeitions.
It may take up to two weeks to process a refund if one is deemed avaialbile.

Failure to notify and wait for a refund will drag any refund out by 90 days due to the investgations done by your credit card compay and PayPal.